I Spy....PURPLE...lol

Monday, April 09, 2012

Okay, so this one is purely selfish -- we have a new Purple Polka Dot apron {shown on the right} and I wanted to see what else Etsy had out there that would catch my eye in the Purple arena....and low and behold....GOODNESS :) Hope you like my little collection...
  1. Purple Gumpaste Rose: Sour Dough
  2. Copper Enamel Clover Pink & Aubergine Orchid Purple Discs: Steinvika
  3. Pin-Up Pretty Purple Polka Dots Double Skirt Apron : BambinoAmore
  4. Home Decor / Grape Purple Kitchen Tea Towel: Xenotees
  5. 3 Handwoven Purple & Natural Striped Tea Towels: Shuttershuttles

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  1. Hiee
    Purple Designs are only for the girlzzz
    in my view puple name is convert into girlz colour


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