Groundhog Day...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So Groundhog Day is almost upon us....on Thursday to be exact. For some reason every year around this time I always think of the movie as opposed to the little rodents who have five minutes of fame as meteorologists -- who studies have shown are only accurate 37% of the time! Everyone really does head on down {or up or over or whatever} to Punxsutawney in the hopes that this chunky rat doesn't see its shadow so we can have warmth......seriously people?!

So, back to the movie -- which, in my humble opinion is way better than this tradition -- if you haven't seen it I would first ask where you have been for the past fifteen then tell you to head on over to one of the movie-on-demand channels and watch it! I often feel like I am living the Groundhog Day saga -- going through the same day over and over -- trying to figure out what I need to do in order to GET OUT!! Am I the only one?!

But, in the real world, which I am told I live in, GHDay is all about these little guys up there. Apparently, this is a tradition that dates back to about 1887....I am actually {at this very moment} trying to picture how this even came about -- "hey, let's nab a groundhog, lock it up in a cage and then on February 2nd let it out for a little bit and see if he sees his shadow -- if he does we KNOW we are in for six more weeks of winter -- if not, we know we should break out the shorts and t-shirts" -- and the reply? LOL -- yea, I won't go there.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great Groundhog Day -- and hope you get the answer you were looking for when he makes his prediction ;)

Kate :)

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