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Monday, January 16, 2012

I am always on the lookout for different packaging -- I am a super creative person and I kinda think I am never satisfied -- but, then again, things evolve so why not packaging?!

Here are some of my latest "finds" -- and there is also an Etsy packaging Flickr stream if you would like to see some more goodies. The problem that I run up against is that most of these really cool pictures and ideas are for smaller goods -- not for apparel pieces or aprons.

  1. Packaging from Danni @ Oh, Hello Friend
  2. The Return of the Lost Sock: Packaging of the World
  3. The Pie Monster: Packaging of the World
  4. Migo Magi Key Wallet: Packaging of the World
So the Packaging of the World site has all kinds of inspiration for items of all shapes and sizes....and some really cool ideas to boot.

Kate :)

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