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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello BamFam....just thought I would share with you all some inspiration. Inspiration comes in many forms -- as you all are very well aware of, I'm sure. But, that's me, Captain Obvious -- and I dig it, so just roll with it ;). Anyway, when I was a kid, my dad was in the Army and we were fortunate enough to be stationed in Germany. Well, dad was in Germany once before (courtesy of the Army as well) when he met these great people -- Willy, Ralf, Harry, Roland, and eventually Sonja........I was four when I met these folks -- and they are my family -- in fact, my little brother's middle name is Willy's first name {Wilhelm} and Willy & Sonja's son, Manu has my dad's name as his middle name.....needless to say -- we were all super duper close at one point -- and as life went on and we moved from place to place (even back to Germany for a second tour) we remained family.

Okay, get to the point please......Well, there is a super cool clothing and jewelry company that is headquartered in Reichenberg, Germany -- right around the corner from Würzburg -- where we lived for a while. This company, called SIM, was created by and is run by my uncles (Willy Sommer -- the S, Ralf Middelmann -- the M, and Harry Isfort -- the I -- SIM) :) I say that with extreme pride....well, when I was a kid, they just moved in to a school -- yep, they bought a school and made that their headquarters!! I can still remember running around that place -- looking at all of the jewelry and wanting to grow up so badly so that I could wear their clothes. I can also remember being so happy when I finally got my ears pierced so that I could FINALLY wear some of their earrings.....However, nowadays those babies are sold in Harrods of London and are slightly outta my price range! lol.....I do wear a couple of their rings everyday though :)

Anyway, I just talked to Willy a couple of days ago and he was a little surprised to learn that I still check in on the shop (online) and LOVE the new looks.....can't wait until they come and visit in the the mean time, check out their clothes -- and get INSPIRED...I know I am every time I see them :)

Kate :)

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